Preparation for the Black Hearts Ball

Some in progress images of the mini collection I’m presenting at the Black Hearts Ball. Get your tickets now.


Made of pilgrim silk from India, this is a classic button-down shirt.


Three pairs of pants. Camel wool tuxedo trousers, wool lounge pants, and reflective satin trousers. Party Pants, one and all.


A detail of the block-printed psychedelic fabric (from India) that is soon to be a studded and quilted jacket.


Camel wool, woven on a hand loom from the Rabari tribe in western India/eastern Pakistan. Made into tuxedo pants lined with silk sari from India.


Shashiko stitch detailing on a jacket. The fuzzy stuff if recycled sari silk yarn.


Wool lounge pants. Drawstrings have mini bells and tiny fish charms.


The workspace.


Camel wool tuxedo pants & satin reflective trousers.


Coins sewn onto a wool sweatshirt.

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