Salt & Pepper

Every once in a while, something comes along that is just too good to pass up. You’ll be digging through your stuff and come across something you forgot you had that is perfect for the project your’re working on. Or, you’ll be walking along and find an object that drives you to a halt, it’s so inspiring. You can picture exactly what you need to do with it, what you can make out of it.

This same feeling of enlightenment came to me when I heard someone say, “I bet no one will choose that” and point to the ziploc bag full of curly salt and pepper beard hair on the ground.

Wrong! I’ll choose that. Oh, yes I will.

I was at a meeting with a dozen-ish other artists who would be working together for the collaborative Working Title show. We had all brought in unfinished pieces and raw material and were swapping it, garage sale style. I scored big when Josh Journey-Heinz decided to donate his friend’s beard hair. Thanks, Josh!

I made a yeti man with the beard, and kimono pieces, felted wool and coyote teeth. Then I drew a picture of the Japanese yeti in his natural habitat.

I had such a great time working with the other artists on this project. Notables included Josh Journey-Heinz, Aaron Bickner, and Jen Davis. The two pieces here and others are for sale through CO Exhibitions.


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