Well, it’s been a while. After the Shantay frenzy, I’ve decided to give the old studio a break. And a good cleaning/reorganization. Compared to the flood of work I was doing for the Shantay, the past few weeks have seemed like a mere trickle. Seems like it. But it’s not, really. I’ve been sewing up lots of mittens for Trash Bags, working on my gown for Danielle Everine’s wedding (only two more weeks!), and making cute things like this.

You see, my sister is having a baby! I made this denim dachshund for her firstborn. The undersides of the ears, the nose and the belly are soft & fuzzy flocked fabric. Sticking with the jeans theme, I used studs for the eyes. Using denim was an interesting choice to me. Can’t wait to see how this doggy wears over time. The denim will be so soft after making it through the toddler years, and the color will fade beautifully after every ride in the washing machine. Hope the baby likes it. I do, and I’m thinking about making more. How awesome would it be to have a whole fleet of wiener dogs? Name them Dicky, Johnny, Willy, and Woody!


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